Talk Bowling #93 – Baffling Lane Conditions Question from Michael: Q — I recently bowled on a particularly challenging lane condition that completely baffled me. Any ball (even plastic) left of 10 at around 25-30 feet would check hard left no matter where I released it on the approach. In several games the only look I could find was standing 39 and looking 13 at the arrows with a stronger ball. The lanes were synthetic the first 15 feet or so, and wood the rest of the way, and after several visits I’m wondering if that is why I’m having such a problem. My first question is how would you attack such a lane differently than a lane that is completely synthetic? My second question is if I were to bowl for an extended amount of time (like a tournament or something) on this condition, how the heck would I adjust from that spot with the weird check point just to the left? Just hope to be able to downshell? Thanks for all you do, Michael A — Interesting challenge. It sounds like you are describing a reverse block type of pattern, where the middle is dry and the outsides a super wet. This would be true if in your scenario of standing 39 and throwing to 13, had you pushed the ball to say 9 and it just continued sliding into the gutter, or hold and say take out just the 10 pin. These patterns require very accurate shot making. Usually you want to know where the oil is, and it sounds like you knew it to be right of board 10. Now you want to make your delivery straight up boards 9 or 10 taking advantage of <b>…</b>

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