VMOBILE loadxtreme Presentation by Daria Dolly Aquino

WANT TO START A BUSINESS WITH A SMALL CAPITAL A FAST RETURN ON INVESTMENT? THIS IS DEFINITELY THE BUSINESS FOR YOU!!!! Sell more than 300 kinds of PREPAID LOAD using 1 Phone, 1 Sim and 1 Loadwallet!!! WE HAVE BUSINESS PACKAGES THAT CAN FIT YOUR BUDGET!!! A. Retailing Package (TechnoUser) – Basic Package (P250) – Earn 10 — 12% for every prepaid load SOLD B. Dealership Franchise Packages (TechnoPreneur): – Fast-Track Package (P3,988) How to earn with VMOBILE Fast Track Package : With A Capital Of P3,988 You Have 5 Ways To Earn In VMobile 1. BUY and Sell of Prepaid Loads – earn 10 -14% per load you sell. Ex: You are selling P1000/day. (1000 x 30 days = 30000 x 14% = 4200/monthly) 2. Retailer CARDS – earn 300.00 per retailer CARD sold Ex. 20 retailer cards x P250 = P5,000 income 3. Retailer Override — earn 1 -2% on all the LOADS sold by your RETAILERS. Ex. 20 Retailers selling load 1000/day x 2% = 400/day income x 30 days = P12,000 income per month 4. Direct Sales Incentive — earn 500.00 for every Dealership (Fast track Package) sold. 5. Franchise Override — earn additional 500.00 for every Dealership sold by your dealers on both teams A and B 6. Earn UNLIMITED Php 40 and Php 20 as Sales Subscription thru Technouser Affiliate Program (TAP). 7.MY TURF SUBSCRIPTION SALE OVERRIDE for TP, Earn from personal load consumptions of your team of Technopreneurs and Technousers thru MyTurf program 8.MY TURF PATRONAGE REWARD MAXIMUM INCOME: 30000/day: 210000/week: 900000/Month ask me <b>…</b>

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