Electro Magnetic Rock fire with Lucky You 17min (stereo headphones required)

transformationalbreakthroughs.org Enjoy both Electro Magnetic flame & deva energy! Enjoy the violet transforming into green & other afterwards –when you close eyes.. To see the dancing devas dancing & open & activate & expand clairvoyant ,psychic, energetic, tantric & other skills shift focus back &forth intuitively while using full screen picture, dark room &super important, stereo headphones…you’ll notice how sometimes you see the dancing devas dancing in fires, while other times its mostly in the backgrounds in the center, through the center &around in many ways…..and even around &above…notice how after with eyes closed, the reverse retinal images &inner vision systems enjoy the Doppler sifting, polarity balancing the complimentary colors compliment as magenta transforms into turquoise, violet transforms into green & other transformations take place, ESP with stereo headphones full screen &dark room Excerpts of FACEBOOK COMMENTS (see Steven’s profile to connect with them) 1)Daryl Jacobson… "Just viewed this. My sinuses have cleared, my brow and heart chakra are seriously open. I feel wonderful. Namaste" 2)Carolyn Marie Solton…" This is BADASS Steven!!!! Wow!! HealingNRG Beaming your way!!!!" 3).Laila Love…..".reposted on my page—thank you dear…I’m off to get lucky now hehe!" 4)Kirsten Ann …"MERCI BEAUCOUP, MON AMI!!!! ♥" 5)Callme Gt ..(Friends with Kirsten Ann)…"that, is freakin awesome" "Lucky You You’re Luck Now!" Having good luck is an energy <b>…</b>

Source: YouTube

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