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NOMAC DRILLING president Jay Minmier explains what it means to do things "the NOMAC way." NOMAC is one of the most active drilling contractors in the United States. An AFFILIATE of Chesapeake Energy Corporation, we have growing operations across the country. In fact, over the last 10 years, NOMAC has been the fastest-growing driller in the United States, working with the best people in the industry to secure American natural gas and oil. NOMAC is also one of the safest drillers in the US Our commitment to providing a safe workplace starts with me and is ingrained in everything we do. That’s why we invest in the industry’s best training programs and offer our employees safety-related incentives. At NOMAC, we’re committed to recruiting, training and retaining new employees, so we train our crews to work on a rig the NOMAC way, at our own training facilities and with our own training programs. We also operate with some of the newest and safest drilling rigs in the industry. And with our partnership with Chesapeake, we remain cycle-resistant, which means there is plenty of steady work to go around. Plus, we’re committed to being a good community partner and neighbor by giving back to the areas where we operate. It’s these qualities that keep NOMAC a leader in our industry and a proud supplier of jobs to men and women across the country. If you’d like to learn more about NOMAC, pay us a visit at or find us on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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