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There are two areas that you can focus on when starting a blog, the first is making that blog generate revenue for you and the second is to use it as a social platform. I personally believe that it is impossible to incorporate both areas into the blog, at least to follow on a successful path. The reason I say this is because making money on a blog requires a certain level of business accumen, whereby you will be required at times to put you earning potential before your viewers which is absolutely fine but not if you wish to make friends and build a community. In this video I talk about three ways in which to get your blog earning for you. The first is Advertising in the form of Google Adsense, although Google is the most popular it is by no means the only method, there are quite a few alternatives for this particular method. Next is Affiliate Marketing and in this particular video I use Amazon Associates as my example. Again there are others out there but this is the one I have used. Last for this video is direct advertising, this is where you approach a company and ask them to advertise on your blog. For this particular method you are going to have to wait until your blog has reached a certain level of maturity and the best guide for this is the Google Page Ranking system. I have found that most companies will require your blog to be ranking at the very very least 3 but more often 4, anything above this will be a plus. There are many other factors to consider for this <b>…</b>

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