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Commission Shortcut: Inside Commission Shortcut, you get a whole list of PDFs that teach the concept behind making affilaite commissions from viral marketing. For some of you, this may seem like a brand new concept. Chris basically provides you with different PDFs and ebooks that you can take yourself and rebrand for other people to download for FREE. Why would give them away for FREE? Simply because you will be given access to the PDFs themselves to edit all on your own to add your own set of affiliate (The best affiliate program) links inside. The catch is to upload each of these PDFs onto different file sharing sites on the web for people to download for FREE. And for every single time that somebody downloads them, you will be able to get commissions every time somebody buys what you are selling in the PDF. It is a simple way to generate some extra cash. The best part about all of this is that the concept is very simple and basic, and Chris provides you with the information to get this going as fast as possible. Aside from the training, you will be getting the PDFs for you to quickly and easily rebrand all on your own. Simply click the reports that you would like to rebrand, and click start campaign. You will be getting more than 7 different high quality training videos to get you making the most amount of money. With this program, you can be sure to make hundreds of dollars in commissions. commission shortcut members area, commission shortcut review, commission shortcut software

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