SendOutCards Opportunity call with special guest Executives Bart Ratliff and Linda Thomas Thank you for stopping by to find out more about this incredible opportunity! My name is Bart Ratliff and I’ve been using the service since 2006 and over the past six years, I’ve been helping individuals, sales professionals, corporations, small business owners, as well as home based and internet marketers build relationship and implement appreciation marketing strategies.. This is also an incredible tool to build relationships and show the people in your life that you care… Please contact me with your questions at 412-608-5960 or email me at If you wish to try the service out.. go to http and follow these three steps and send out a card on me.. . 1. Watch the short video 2. Click on Send a FREE Card 3. Click YES on the Kody Walk through and follow the video All the best! Bart Bart Ratliff Executive Certified Trainer Corporate Speaker & Trainer SendOutCards Bart Ratliff 8665 W. Flamingo, #131-313 Las Vegas, NV 89147 c 412-608-5960 Live Daily Webinars & Recorded Presentation 1. What is SendOutCards 2. SOC for Professionals 3. Automated Birthday and Appreciation Campaigns 4. iPhone/iPad/Droid App 5. Card and Gifting Options 6 How to Send a Card 7. SOC FREE Customer options 8. Overview on the Affiliate/Distributor Option Enjoy the presentation! Bart Ratliff 412-608-5960

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